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iTaste 134 MX-M

850 L.E

The 134MX-M is built in the same durable, eye-catching style as the iTaste 134 and has 8 Traditional Chinese Virtues engraved on the inner sleeve. 

According to Chinese traditional culture these 8 virtues are the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others; without these values all other learning would amount to nothing.

Silver plated firing pins give the 134MX-M maximum power as well as adaptable top pin connectivity through an advanced new spring adjusted top pin that adjusts to 510 connector pins of varying heights.

The 134MX-M is designed with a unique advanced safety feature which adds convenience and your own personal style to the firing system. After selecting your preferred symbol from the 8 virtues , the rotational wheel is used to lock or unlock the 134MX-M; only when your chosen Virtue is selected the unit will fire.

The 134MX-M has replaceable parts and is designed for long term use with a Golden Spring and white plastic selection wheel included in the kit.

Innokin has design the 134MX-M to hold the beauty and power of Chinese culture, these virtues and teachings guided Chinese youth and leaders and helped develop China into a leading empire of culture and technology.

Technical Specifications:

IMR high-drain 18650 batteries (Length: 64.40—66.20, 3.7V without protection).The iTaste 134 MX-M cannot use 2 stacked batteries.

Positive connector Pin:
NEW Spring Technology. This greatly improves iTaste 134 MX-M compatibilty with different height 510 connector pins.

Unique iTaste 134 MX-M Unlocking Mechanism:
You choose one of 8 Virtues as your chosen sign. When your chosen Virtue is selected the unit will fire. To lock the iTaste 134 MX-M simply choose one of the other Virtues.


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