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iTaste Arachnid

iTaste Arachnid Mechanical Mod

The Arachnid Mechanical mod by Innokin . Arachnid is a telescopic mod with a lock ring at the bottom to protect unexpected firing.It has an adjustable positive connector pin which can easily adjusted for various kinds of tanks. Arachnid mod will be available in 3 colors blue , black , and red. Order innokin Arachnid mechanical mod for best deal at
450 L.E



Positive Connector pin:

Positive connector pin can be adjusted to varying heights. To adjust the connector pin turn the pin clockwise(+) or counterclockwise (-).


Telescopic tube :

To expand or contract the telescopic tube turn the it clockwise (+) and counterclockwise (-). The iTaste Arachnid can supports 18350 , 18500 & 18650 battery size .


Working Current :

The iTaste Arachnid working Current =4.2/(R+0.15), if you use a 0.45ohm atomizer, make sure your battery minimum working current is more than 7A 4.2/(0.45+0.15)


Lock and Unlock Ring:

To lock and unlock the iTaste Arachnid fire button turn the ring clockwise (+) or counterclockwise (-).



Innokin recommend using high drain IMR batteries. iTaste Arachnid cannot use 2 stacked batteries.


Package includes:


1 x Arachnid mechanical mod

1 x user manual

1 x acrylic Box


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