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Innokin iClear 30s Dual Coil Replacement Coil Head

Innokin iClear 30s Dual Coil Replacement Heads are designed for the Innokin iClear 30s Clearomizer. It has 8 long wicks (4 per coil) for more consistent flow of juice to the coils in any position. The new 30s version has a wider opening allowing for more air flow in comparison to the iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizer

Genuine Innokin iClear 30s Dual Coil Replacement Coil Heads

These are very easy to use! Unscrew the bottom locking cap, unscrew the old iClear 30s coil haed, and screw in the replacement. Your Innokin iClear 30s will be as good as new again! These replacement coil heads make the Innokin iClear 30s dual coil clearomizer an affordable and economical choice.

The iClear 30s features dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, a large 3ML capacity, and rotatable mouth piece. To learn more about iClear 30s.
Features of Innokin iClear 30s Dual Coil Replacement Coil Head:

Innokin iClear 30 Dual Coil Replacement Coil Head One or Five Innokin iClear 30s replaceable heads!
Outstanding performance – produces loads of vapor and flavor and has a BEASTLY throat hit
Solid construction & easy to use
Dual coil – 2 coils instead of one
16 wicking threads
2.1 ohm


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